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Hello World💛

Hello World💛

Jan 20, 2024

Hi💛 I'm Natalia, an illustrator and IG filter creator.☺️ This #toonme perfectly represents the current stage of my creative life.😌 Recently my life split into two main directions - creating the character illustration and developing the interactive IG filters. Bomb combination!💥 Nah?

I'm passionate about both things equally and really want to share with you this art journey.💛💛 So, it took me a loooot of time to figure out how I can combine such different topics in a single profile… and you know what? The best solution is the simplest one! I'm going to illustrate the IG filters ideas alongside traditional illustration.😍 Simple? Yeah!! Will work? We will see🤞🏻 

I'm quite excited about all this stuff and wanting to thank you for being with me at the start of such a wonderful journey!🙏

Stay tuned! I'm going to tell you more about IG filters and other stuff in the next couple days.☺️

#nataliakodi #ARillustrator #ARcreator #toonmechallenge

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