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I'm here and almost fine

Apr 09, 2022

My dear friends. My daughter and I and our animals are being evacuated. We stayed at home for a long time, held on and fought around the clock. But everything has a limit. The daughter has bronchial asthma which is exacerbated by stress and mold.

Now we are in a place where it is much calmer than at home. I have met many good people who support me and I want to help them. Our refugee camp is filled with those who have lost something forever and cannot believe it, those who find it difficult to withdraw from hostilities at home, those who miss their family and past lives. But all without exception are sociable, open, bright and responsive people. Everyone helps each other and understands the neighbors as themselves.

Those who come on the first night cough a lot because they can not get away from the basement mold. For the first time in my life I saw children playing in whispers, this habit was formed in them during hiding.

Miracles happen in our camp. For example, my pregnant cat decided not to waste time and give birth to four cute kittens that look good to all our neighbors. We share food, family stories, emotional experiences and try to joke and laugh a lot.

My personal plans have changed a lot several times. Now I am without my husband, he is waiting for a call-up for military service. This news hit me hard and I didn't expect to need some time for myself.

One day I got a guitar and we sang Ukrainian songs in the camp. I can't do any more work. For some reason I can't work. I think about you constantly, I want to record lessons for you in the future. I remember and I know how you expect them. Forgive me for this pause.

I really needed time to recover. When I came here, the road was difficult and long. I thought that it would be enough for me to sleep one night in a normal bed and I will do my favorite thing again. The reality was different. I've been sleeping and looking for myself for a week and now I'm able to write to you about myself.

I know you're all very worried about me. Sorry for my silence. I am safe and in the process of recovery.

I will have only one request. Please write your ideas for the following songs. Maybe you would like to learn some Easter tune?

Thank you for being with me, for your understanding and support. See you soon. Your Natalia on guitar from Ukraine.

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