There’s a saying that is thrown around frequently in the health and fitness space:

”Abs are made in the kitchen”

While you may not be deliberately trying to be lean enough to have visible abs, learning how to properly power and nurture your body is important.

Especially if you are doing any sort of intentional exercise.

Without proper nutrition and a healthy balanced diet, the time and effort you are putting into your exercise is going to be wasted.

I’ll be the first to admit that proper nutrition is challenging.

What I thought was a healthy and balanced diet…wasn’t healthy or balanced at all.

Google leads you down to many rabbit holes of information, most of it conflicting information, and it’s confusing at best and frustrating at worst to know what to do or not do.

Lucky for you, I’ve teamed up with someone that knows the nutrition game (and the fitness game), and has graciously allowed me to put his education and knowledge into an easy to understand infographic.

Scott Compton is a long time athlete and has competed in several Strongman and Body Building competitions.

You can check out his Instagram here:

Don’t let this quick and easy infographic fool you. There’s still a lot that goes into nutrition. How many calories should you be consuming based off of your goals? How many fats? Carbs? Etc.

This is just to get you started on the right path!