If you haven’t heard this before, it’s only a matter of time before you do. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t tell your dog “no”

….But do they explain WHY you shouldn’t?

Let’s go ahead and dive into the science of why we tell our dogs “no” and why it doesn’t really matter what we say to them.


Dog’s are associative based animals. This means:

→ “X” happens and “Y” follows

→ Therefore X=Y

Example: the food container opens and food is put into my food bowl directly after. 

Therefore, food container opening means I’m getting fed!

This is called “Classical Conditioning”

If dogs don’t understand English, you could actually say “no” and then give them a cookie and every time you said “no” your dog would come running over to you tail wagging looking for a treat.

Following this path of logic, you could really use any word(s) that you want when training your dog. You could say “potato” and then not give your dog a reward and your dog would start to learn that when you said “potato” they just did something incorrect and now do not get a cookie.

So the next time you hear “you shouldn’t tell your dog “no””

You’ll understand the science behind it.

Do you tell your dog “no”?

Why or why not?

I’m curious. Drop it in the comments👇🏽