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Hello world!

I’m Natasha, a Canadian who has been living and travelling abroad for the last 7 years.

I made this page for people who’d like to support my channel but aren’t sure about becoming a patron on Patreon. If you feel like supporting my content you can buy me a ‘coffee’ - which in all honestly won’t just go to coffee but also things like film equipment and travel expenses. So, if that’s something you’d like to do, THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate all your support!

You can watch travel adventure videos on my YouTube channel from places like the Philippines, Sweden, Colombia, and Portugal to name a few. I also make videos about living in certain places like Spain as I get a lot of questions about moving abroad.

If you want a daily scoop then you can find me on instagram (@bergennat) or if you’d like exclusive updates and stories that don’t go on YouTube, then joining our community on Patreon would be your best bet - come meet like minded people!


Over 7 years ago after my first backpacking trip through Central and South America I got hooked on travel. I was always told to follow my heart’s arrow wherever it pointed. So, I became a TEFL teacher and went between long backpacking trips and teaching in places like Colombia, Vietnam, and Europe. Adventure travel storytelling wasn’t really on my radar until I spent a lot of time in Portugal. I was hit with the idea to enter a travel video competition - which I was terrible at - but ended up loving the whole process from storywriting, filming and editing! This is where the fascination with creating travel content really took off. It’s what got me through the pandemic, it’s what puts fire in my belly and I want to share with the world. So, I gave up teaching and am now diving head first into travel content!


I’ve had such positive feedback from this community of like minded people that I’ve planned the next BIG journey. It’s top secret for now but what I can tell you is that it’s going to be exciting, challenging and one hell of an adventure. I want to challenge myself and see what my limits are, I want to grow, share and LIVE! That’s why. And I’m super excited for us to go on this journey together, so again, thank you!