Behind the scenes of making this beautiful paint - there's so much involved! I make my own paint binder from scratch. I also do planning, researching, aquiring, and testing of pigments, plus mixing, drying, layering pans....Then the labeling and packaging💗 

Except for the testing, I do all the rest myself! 😎

I charge only for the pigments and the pans + binder % when I create and list a color.


I want everyone to be able to try this medium. 

One reason I started doing this is so my friends on fixed income and/or retirement could also afford to have the enjoyment of metallic watercolors in their art box. 

I want to continue to be able to maintain my current prices💗

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support of this project & for supporting me in this way!! 🎉

Your support will help me cover additional operating expenses and allow me to still keep my paint costs low so everyone can enjoy this art medium! 💗