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Experience Grace and Ease in the Body

When people think of stretching, they often think of the impressive end positions, such as full splits variations or the gymnastic bridge backbend. While these can be great goals to pursue - and Stretch Therapy can certainly help you achieve them - the vast majority of people will never use that kind of flexibility in their daily life.

But that doesn’t mean that “normal” people won’t benefit from stretching.

Limited range of movement, commonly referred to as “tightness,” can make it difficult to do everyday tasks, such as bending over to pick something up, reaching overhead to take something off of a shelf, or squatting down to play with your children. Stretching helps remove restrictions felt in our bodies by restoring these ranges of movement.

Removing restrictions felt in the body allows you to focus on what really matters - living life and enjoying the moment!

Stretch Therapy (ST) is a safe and efficient system that will help you do exactly that. In addition, the ST method and techniques also strengthen muscles in the stretched position, bring awareness to “forgotten” areas of the body, and help develop the ability to relax - something most of us are surprisingly bad at in this day and age.

The result is an experience of grace and ease in the body.

In this digital age, it’s all too easy to think of ourselves as separate from our bodies, but that’s simply not the case - not yet! For now, we continue to live in our bodies, and Stretch Therapy can help ensure that’s a comfortable place to be.

Whether you simply want to enjoy graceful, unrestricted movement in daily life, pursue extreme feats of flexibility, or explore deeper aspects of the ST system that can help cultivate serenity in the body, Stretch Therapy Japan will happily help guide you on your journey.
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