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About Us

We believe that self-care should be simple, practical and a little fun!

Natrella helps you take better care of yourself by being more intentional with yourself - in all sorts of ways!

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How does Natrella work?

🍀 Your Self-Care Space

Find all your self-care moments in one place. Create a beautiful personal space with your notes, photos, stickers, and thank-you cards!

Find positive inspiration from yourself whenever you need it :)

Self-Care Activities

🌱 Set Intentions

Get clarity on your intentions for this day, week, or month.

🥳 Celebrate Your Wins

Take a moment to recognize your small and big achievements!

📖 Reflect & Journal

Reflect and jot down your thoughts about life.

💛 Affirm Yourself

Create and save your affirmations to keep you encouraged.

🙏🏾  Be Grateful

Become more mindful of all the little and large things you are grateful for! 

🙌🏼  Say Thank You

Show your appreciation to those you love by sending them digital cards filled with your messages of appreciation! Customize your own cards or select a card from a range of options found in the app.

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We work hard to create Natrella, add new features, and make improvements. Your support and encouragement means the world to us!

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