Now announcing the opening of CLUB TRILLION. This is an online only, safe space for those desiring to go DEEPER into your work with subliminals.  ‘The Perfect Everything’ Sub (free gift to members of this blog!) when used regularly in conjunction with the contents of this blog are truly all you NEED, but CT is for my overachievers, those who have a hunger, a desire, and an ambition that roars like a fire, keeps you up at night, yearning to be satiated, a hunger and passion so great that NOTHING ANYWHERE seems to fulfill it. 

CLUB TRILLION was created to fill that void and keep your frequency attuned to where you KNOW it needs to be DAILY so you can continue operating at your OPTIMUM level in ALL AREAS of life. 


Our sub club is for those who enjoy a digital library of subliminals on a vast array of neverending topics.  If you are having success with, ‘The Perfect Everything Sub,’ and want, crave, NEED MORE, then please visit our community (hosted exclusively by Instagram) here:

* Dues are $2222 and paid on a quarterly basis. 
* Cancel anytime
* Upon Cancellation, you will be promptly removed from the club.
* Visit Link in @Clubtrillion bio
* Enter your first and last name as prompted, make payment, then DM @clubtrillion on Instagram for access. 

* In the DM, please write the SAME FIRST AND LAST NAME from your square payment (for security purposes, these MUST MATCH.) alerting me of your payment, and requesting entry.
* Once your information has been verified, you will receive a confirmation message with further instructions, and be granted access to the club.



All of my subs come with a full disclosure in the description of each one letting you know exactly what is inside.

There are no negative words used in my subs.  All subs are simply positive affirmations resetting your consciousness to its peak level of functioning on whatever the topic at hand.

My method remains the same for all subs:  The words are sped up to 10X their original speed for quick and easy absorption directly into your subconscious. Minutes of deep healing work condensed into seconds for maximum delivery and efficacy.

My words are then overlayed with a precise portion of an already existing song that resonates at the same frequency as the specific affirmation set for greater strength and potency.  This keeps the sub private and undetectable to the naked ear or passersby.  You will be the only one who knows exactly what is underlying the music.


All subs are < 60 SECONDS in length and are designed to be listened on loop for as long and as often as you need or desire.


For visual learners, there is also hypnotic-themed artwork specific to each topic overlaying my subs to bring feelings of bliss and relaxation alongside your audio experience. (Not necessary, but added bonus for those who prefer.)



They can do years’ worth of healing work for you in less than a minute a pop. Think of them as little booster shots in consciousness (no needles or foreign chemicals required!) From releasing stored trauma and unknown blocks in your subconscious to setting you up for success and positivity in all areas, my subs easily and effortlessly keep you focused on achieving whatever the goal at hand. Listening on the go, while you sleep, or while simply living your day-to-day life, playing these in the background will keep you on track with the dominant vibration you are looking to achieve in any and all matters. (Infinite and ever expanding array of topics!!)

* Ask away all questions you have in the comments section of this post for a live FAQ section that will benefit future members, newbies to sub culture, or the sub curious. I will check back often and provide answers. Remember: No question is a dumb question! Thank you! -Naura