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Thank you so much for being here!
You can now buy me a coffee (or 5!) to help keep my "Saturday Night Live" show going, and knowing that you are helping and supporting me. 👍🏻
Thanks so much!

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Navin, where do I really go above and beyond! So much heart and soul. Keeping SNL pumping every week is simply spectacular and phenomenal!! I really admire your kindness, dedication and professionalism... the sweetest thing is you don’t even realise the difference you are making, helping many see the light through the darkness especially during the current lockdown.  Music really does heal and the way you express the lyrics is very moving. I strongly believe in supporting great music artists like you.Kully x

Farida Sarangi
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Love you shows from Toronto

Ash Cambow
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Aruna Jagesar
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Keep singing all those beautiful songs, it makes me happy

Thanks Aruna, I'm so pleased to have you on this journey with me and appreciate your support! x

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Happy Diwali!  Thank you your SNL shows! 

That's so sweet! Thank you and Happy Diwali to you too! 😊