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Hey 👋
Thank you so much for being here!
You can now buy me a coffee (or 5!) to help keep my "Saturday Night Live" show going, and knowing that you are helping and supporting me. 👍🏻
Thanks so much!

Harshad Kothari
Harshad Kothari bought 5 coffees.

Lage Raho Navinbhai ! Soon SNL will end, and we will look forward to live concerts ! All the best.

Aruna Jagesar
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RB bought 17 coffees.

Thank you so much Navin, for the amazing SNL shows in the past year! You selflessly entertained us, motivated us, kept us sane throughout the challenging times! Thank you to all your family who have worked so hard behind the scene too. Saturday evenings will not be the same without SNL, but would very much like to see you live on stage again soon! Thank you once again and wish you the very best always. Enjoy the coffees, wish I could send your favourite biscuits to go with the coffees☺️ xxx

Hafsa bought 5 coffees.

Hi Navin, Just bought my ticket for your virtual live concert. Feeling excited & sad at the same time. I have watched every single one of your SNL shows and yes I might not have contributed to the live feed everytime but I was always there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done during this will never be forgotten. SNL & YOU will be missed immensely and that is why I want to win one of your shirts 😊 Stay safe & happy always Navin! Love always ❤️

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