Recap of the Clubhouse Town Hall on 29-0 ...

Recap of the Clubhouse Town Hall on 29-08-2023

Aug 30, 2023

Clubhouse Town Hall is back after a 4 month break.

Here is a recap of what Paul Davison announced in this Town Hall about the big changes coming to Clubhouse soon:

  • We are getting ready to share a big evolution of Clubhouse with you, but we are not ready to share it yet.

  • We have been hard at work at it for a while and we are getting very close to being able to share it.

  • We don't have an exact launch date, but it's soon.

  • It's gonna be a pretty big update.

  • We have added some very new ways to connect.

  • We have removed some features that you might use today.

  • We have evolved the privacy model in a way that you might like or you might not like.

  • We made a lot of changes.

  • Our goal in doing this is to make Clubhouse better and to make it easier for more people to use and make it more fun.

  • The best thing we can do for the existing community is to continue to grow the community.

  • Big UI changes can be jarring.

  • It's gonna feel different when you first see it and our hope is that once you get used to the new experience, you'll find that you really like, but it's gonna feel a little jarring at first.

  • If we want to evolve the product together, I don't know any way around that.

  • The goal of the update is to make it easier for more people to talk.

  • This update is not focused on broadcast. It's focused on helping everyone talk, participate and have fun.

  • Clubhouse is an always-on dinner party, where you can hang out with friends, meet new ones and talk about anything.

  • Our mission is to increase friendship in the world, help people deepen friendship and make new friends.

  • What people love about Clubhouse is the friendships they made on Clubhouse. It's not about content.

  • If you are an audio creator, we love that you are on Clubhouse.

  • Houses are more about community and you should probably be posting to other platforms as well.

  • Content is just a small part of the overall experience of being in a room with people and sharing that time with them.

  • Clubhouse is not about maximizing reach to a faceless audience.

  • The best part about Clubhouse is the people and the friendships. That's what makes it special. And that's what the new update is focused on. It's helping more people talk with their friends and friends of friends and communities. And we are really excited to make that part of Clubhouse better in this update.

  • The first version you install will be far from perfect. There will be bugs. There will be missing features and we are gonna add those in subsequent releases over the weeks to follow.

  • We are knowingly launching without things that we know we want to build.

  • We want to get the new update in your hands sooner.

  • It will feel incomplete and it will feel buggy.

  • There are gonna be features that you rely on that we removed or use cases that we didn't anticipate.

  • I am expecting a lot of conversations about the obvious things that we screwed up. That is my fault and I am sorry in advance it's gonna happen like we will miss things.

  • Please don't assume that every choice we made was intentional or that it's permanent.

  • If you are frustrated by a change, let us know.

  • We might say good point, we didn't mean to break that use case and here is a fix and ship an update the next week.

  • Or it's possible we might say I am sorry, that was an intentional decision to prioritize talking over broadcasting and we are not planning to revert it.

  • Or we might say I am sorry, I know you use that feature, but we looked at the data and very few other people used it so we took it out to make the app simpler for new users.

  • You won't agree with all of our choices but let us know what's not working for you.

  • If we mess something up, it can very likely be a miss on our part that we can fix that.

  • We want to get back to building in public more with feedback from all of you.

  • So you as guardians of this community that you have created can help us evolve the product to make it work for more people in the weeks and the months to come.

  • As a company, we have years of runway and we have a long term view on this thing.

  • Clubhouse is a place that so many of us love and our goal is to bring more people around the world to it so that everyone can be with friends and meet new friends and have fun.

  • We are immensely grateful to be able to evolve it alongside all of you.

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