Hey, so I know a few of you have been wondering what happened to vue-brunch so I thought I would write a post to address it formally.

vue-brunch was a project that I had created back in 2016 to compile vue single file templates in brunch because at the time there was no other options available. Admittedly, It was a bit of a hack as it was just using the browserify implementation under the hood but had plans to write it all from scratch to be every bit as good as the other official implementations.

As time passed, new tools became available and existing ones matured and my focus naturally changed to work with what was to become the leading solutions. No longer in need of the project myself and knowing there was still interest in my project, I reached out to some people if they wanted to maintain it. One person expressed interest so I handed over the keys. Sadly neither of us were able to give it the time it deserved so I regained ownership where it has been since.

While I regret abandoning one of my projects, I hope this helps to clear up the motivations and that steps were taken to keep it alive. I would like to thank everyone that covered the project in blog articles and helped to make the project better for everyone.