So for a little over a year I've been exploring a concept: Amidst pandemics, civil unrest, wars and such, is it not fascinating how much we adapt to such conditions? We still , sometimes absurdly, live, love, argue about stupid, petty things, fall in love, eat dinner, go to work even. With Everything's A Crime, I thought to examine this through the eyes of an alternate world, one where history is distorted, blurred, and so is society. What if The last 40 years of politics, upheaval around race, drugs, sexuality, competing economic principles, the rising influence of conspiracy theories and psuedoscience,a crumbling of authority, what if it all took place over a couple of years? This would be so normal after a generation or two, nobody would notice. Lives would be "normal". We'd be shocked. We'd get used to it, possibly. What happens when a democracy splits into warring factions, obliterating history and rewriting it. What if some nutcase on the internet finally got it together enough to take over a country? what if we had no internet. What if we fell behind the rest of the world? Not by months, but years? That's the story. That's the world of the Lance sisters, Tami and Jules. They're special. They know something's not right.