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Jan 30, 2021

Hi Everyone -

Thank you for checking out my page here. If you are, you've probably come from seeing me on my YouTube channel.

I've had many requests to set up a donation and many of you suggested a GoFundMe page so that you could donate to help raise money for sheet music transcriptions. I'm not a huge fan of GoFundMe as it's a bit too public for my liking so I thought I would set this up instead.

Here, you can throw is as little as $5 and as you do, please request the sheet that you've been waiting for.

As you know, I don't transcribe the music myself but I outsource to My Sheet Music Transcriptions who do a fantastic job writing the music note for note from my YouTube uploads. These songs are well over $150 each to transcribe so any and all donations really help to get as many published on Musicnotes as possible.

Thank you so much for liking and sharing my content and I'll see some of you on my Sunday YouTube livestreams.

Best, Neil.

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