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Book Update and Future Goal

Jan 09, 2022

Hello, lovelies! <3

Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Something that is well overdue after achieving the goal of €100 and even going beyond - all the way to €311 thanks to your help - a book update!

Not only will this book happen, but I will also be able to get a guitar or 2 for the orphanages in which I will be able to teach with it! Thank you so much for making this happen!

I have filled 34 pages with 7791 words and also 7 Levels of Exercises for chords and strumming! Currently I am restructuring the book. I thought I had just sprinkles theory in bite-sized chunks, but I recevied feedback - I have stuffed it full of it! So now I'm diminishing the theory in between the exercises greatly by putting most of it at the back of the book for those truly interested!

Next steps for the book:

  • Finish restructuring the book

  • Hand over for 2nd feedback session

  • ??? Act on the feedback whatever it may be, hopefully no need for 3rd redoing!

  • Get it reviewed by peers (other guitarists and guitar tutors)

  • Hand over to the editor(s) - for both Bulgarian and English

  • Get the cover design done

  • Register for ISBN or whatever beurocracy stuff for barcode and hand copies to libraries

  • Get printing estimates from varied places

  • Put up as Pre-Order on website

  • Send e-Book to Guitar Family and Buy Me A Coffee Supporters <3

  • Print copies

  • Profit? :D idk! But definitely bring over to orphanages!

I have already gathered information on some orphanages in Sofia, so I can teach there. Will be getting in touch with them through next week and am looking to start my monthly lessons no matter whether the book is finished or not. I will just implement my usual lesson planning - I'm sure it will still be better than no guitar lessons!! Really looking forward to it!

On to the next Buy Me A Coffee Goal!

Since I have been spending more time shaing study materials, teaching online, writing this book and replying to messages, I noticed increased back and neck pain. And I have no doubts whatsoever that this is due to my computer setup - I am using a tiny laptop (old for what technology usualy is - from 2016). And it being tiny is now a problem - I need to be looking down and am bending my back and I can't use mymouse since I needed to upgrade my camera for lessons and it's taking up the only available USB slot... So I need to be able to put it up (for now probably on a stack of books) in order for the screen to be a bit higher, and then buy a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The cheapest ones that don't look like they'll fall apart in a month come to roughly €110. (216BGN to be precise). So I would really appreciate your help on this, so that I can keep sharing the study materials, writing future books and teaching in our Guitar Family Facebook Group fortnightly, without turning into an old lady with bad back while still in my 20s :D

Or if you ahve trusty recommendations for cheaper bluetooth mouse and keyboard, let me know as well! It would be much appreciated!

Look forward to hearing what you have to say and wish you a lovely evening!

All the best!
Neli :)

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