Frist of all, thank you to all that helped me achieve my previous goal! I now am in possesion of a USB mixer. Unfortunately - no electricity at the studio currently, so waiting on that issue to get resolved (hopefully tomorrow) to set it up. BUT it is time to set a new goal! And it is time for a different one.

Here it is: If I get 5 members (at the price of a coffee per month, or a more generous one :D), I will record properly and upload me playing the Another Brick In The Wall Solo.

And here is the truth behind this goal - I have been wanting to record this for quite a while. But whenever I record and upload something properly, in come the troll comments. And even though I can logically see right through them and how irrelevant they are, they still feel hurtful and make it harder for me to open up. And everytime they make me question - is it even worth it? There are plenty of covers of songs online already, why add anoher one? The thing is when I do something, I put my all into it, so even though it might not be my own music, I still pour my soul into it and my own emotions. It boils down to my view of music - it is an expression - a way to convey a message and feel connected. Not just correct notes being played at the right time.

So in a way this goal is to see the reality - do you actually want to see me play more? Or is the occasional thing of me doodling on Instagram stories/live enough?

If you read this far - thank you! And also I'd appreciate your thoughts in the comments as well! :)