I have been wanting to deliver better quality lessons for... always? :D I keep learning new things, investing in new equipment and I need you help on this one.

I would LOVE to invest in this USB mixer! - Behringer X1204

This will make it possible for me to plug straight into my laptop with my guitar + microphone, which would make things sound SO MUCH BETTER! No more unidentified hums druing our Guitar Family live lessons!

It would also mean I will be able to record myself at the studio! Not as well as for a music recording (simply because of my laptop being old), but well enough to be able to record more covers and guitar tutorials freely. No more relying on the Mac (which Renton uses for his projects, so I don't always have access to). And one day... in the distant future... when I upgrade my computer, I will be able to use it for proper recording too! So it will serve me long term!

AND I would be able to use it for live gigs if these become more regular - I would just need to buy some powered speakers, BUT if gigs get more regular, then that wouldn't be an issue right? :D

And so - this is my new consumerist goal! :D Thanks to the amazing support I have received already, we are not starting from 0! So this makes me very excited!

Thanks for reading through how my brain thinks and how I'd like to achieve things and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day! <3