Had a photoshoot today in the park with Ivailo Velev (https://www.instagram.com/velev_ivailo/)

It was super chill and fun and it was rly nice to relax outdoors in the lovely sunny weather <3>

Well, actually the start of it was a bit scary - it fell on St. George’s day - a national holiday when we also have a military parade. So just before we started there were some cannons (maybe?) shots that were so loud and you could rly feel them in your chest! The first bang really freaked me out! And then while we were shooting and chilling in the sun there were some really loud fighter planes flying as well, so that made me jump also haha but other than that it was so nice and enjoyable. It was also nice to meet a like-minded person who apart from having photography as his hobby also likes playing guitar and prog music, so had a rly nice and relaxed chat that made me look forward to being able to socialize again even more!