Exciting news! We hit the 100% of the €100 goal!!!

Thank you so much for supporting and believing in me and making it possible for me to create my 1st ever Guitar Book!

As you (probably) know, it is already in the works, I am currently writing better explanations to go along with it both in English and Bulgarian and researching about printing preparations and the such.

If you have supported me on here, then feel free to message/email me if you'd like a physical copy, so that I know better what sort of numbers I should be looking for and in what language. Otherwise, the eBook will be available to the whole Guitar Family thanks to YOUR SUPPORT!

Until I have settled on a future goal, any further support will go towards the betterment of the book (e.g. by getting graphic designers to do some better graphics than I am capable of and other things of that sort), or go towards printing more books, so that I could fulfill my goal of teaching in orphanages even better (by being able to supply the book in enough quantities or being able to supply a guitar or a few if I fail to find a music shop that would like to work with me on that).

I am truly overjoyed and very grateful! I cannot wait to be able to put this book in your hands! <3