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Now that you're here, we want you to know a little more about us.

neo-culture-ation, is a portmanteau I came across on a warm Sunday noon of 2018 while I was sipping on chai, in my balcony, and admiring the fresh amaltas bloom dangling off the neighbourhood trees. What started as an Instagram photoblog to share my experiences across the city, little did I know that I would find myself captivated in the depths of the beauty it exposed me to. Experiencing the humdrum in the other-worldly corners of Chandni Chowk to travelling to the expansive art district on Lodhi Road, I saw beauty in it’s raw, almost child-like form.

People, expressions, love, life-altering circumstances, the reality – I could see it all. This journey taught me the value of people & relationships, and how stories are truly the heart of everything we have come to know.

It was only 2 years later, amidst a global pandemic, when I decided to work towards amplifying the voices of people, their stories- their choices, behaviour and their ability to express and interact in a gazillion ways. This is how Neoculturation transformed from a photoblog to a platform that analyses aspects of culture. With a journalistic approach accompanied by thought-provoking visual content, we want to turn the spotlight to stories rooted in culture.

With the modern-day consumer becoming more conscious, we see a paradigm shift towards a localised economy. So, how the brands of today are adapting to shifting customer perception & ideologies? Why is the sentiment shifting from aspirational to relatable?  We, as a platform, also explore how culture affects business & commerce through a variety of exploratory, original Case Studies on campaigns & communications of homegrown brands.

In a quest to find answers to above and more, I am delighted to have you on this journey with me and my wonderful team.

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Himanshu Khanna
Founder & Creative Director