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I created this home inventory program for myself several years ago to have one place to find information about the items I have. Information like when I bought it, what the maintenance schedule is, when the warranty expires and where the manuals and documentation are for it.

Over the years I included the quantity, purchase price, value and pictures of the items.

    Then I thought others, like you, may find it useful too. So, I decide to share it. I made versions to run on Macs and Windows.

 For years, the 'free version' had limitations and I had planned to offer you the ability to 'unlock' the app by purchasing a license code. Life got in the way and I never implemented the ’unlock’ feature, even after receiving many requests for it.

    So, here we are today, I stripped out all of the 'locking/unlocking' code and removed all of the limitations.   Instead of you having to purchase a license to remove the limitations, I just decided to release the app unlocked.

If the program helps you and you find value in my work, please consider offering your support by buying me a coffee or three.