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Hi! 👋🏻

My name is Carina and I am a freelance illustrator and comic artist. I draw funny stuff an post it on the internet, for free. If you have seen some of my art, enjoyed it and want to see more of it, here is the place to support me! You can do that with a one time donation or support me monthly with a membership.

"But don't you have a patreon where I can do exactly that?" you ask.
Well, I had one. But life changes, people change, my creative process changes. The benefits I offered weren't fitting me and my artistic process anymore. In combination with more client work (yay) and pursuing a non artistic hobby as a balance it wasn't doable anymore. It caused more stress and with that a toll on my mental health, so I had to step back and decided to start fresh.

I really want to offer monthly rewards again, but I still need to figure out how and what would be a good fit. So for now there is only the possibility to tip me. Either one time or on a monthly base, that is entirely up to you. This allows me to focus on personal projects at my own pace.
Also, if you decide for a membership you can of course cancel anytime if it doesn't fit for you anymore. No hard feelings!

Since the "monthly tip jar" is only that, there won't be regular updates. But there will be random ones and from time to time I'd like to gift you little digital surprises as a thank you.

Thank you for being here
Love Carina 💙