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Welcome to's buy me a coffee page!

Hi, my name is Vazahat aka (just_in_case)! Owner and maintainer of 👋 Welcome to my Buy Me A Coffee page. Even if you don't donate, thanks so much for checking it out. 😀

Who are you?

You might know me as Just_in_case from the Coppercube community, I create assets (plugins, extensions, demos) for coppercube and provide them for public use on my website  and I am glad that you all like the website and found the content over there useful in your game dev journey.

I also run a Coppercube unofficial community on Discord named as - Glitched Velocity I answer all the questions there regarding game development and help community members in their game development process. Thanks for all your support!

I appreciate your time and if you can't donate, no problem! Thanks for checking out my page here on Buy Me A Coffee.