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Hi 👋 I'm trying to get away from having ads on the NESguide website. I'm also trying to get back to actively developing/modernizing the site. Every "coffee" helps me divert a bit of time from my real job so I can work on NESguide instead. Thanks for your continued support!
Niklas Karvonen
Niklas Karvonen bought 3 coffees.

NES Radio forever <3. Why is there only 7 supporters to this?!? Holy hell, we need to market this more... Tell the world people, tell the world!!

retro8x bought a coffee.

Listening to the NES Radio while programming is just awesome. Thanks for your great work!

Chris Dorn bought a coffee.

Thanks for giving me some awesome music to listen to while I work on the computer. I also found lot's of new stuff thanks to nesguide. 

Great to hear, Chris! Thanks!

T.J. Williams bought 8 coffees.

Hey Bro!  Been a while.  Thanks again for radio & all the work you do on this site.  Every radio song is another fond memory, part of my identity.

Thanks a lot T.J.! Nice to know you’re still enjoying the radio after all these years!

Gaby Capo bought a coffee.

wHATTUp! THanks for the Radio, Makes me turn into a little kid everytime (and my fiancee laugh tons) Stay safe and healthy fellow retro buddy!

Thanks Gaby! The radio has been a true labor of love, and it's always awesome to hear how happy it can make others feel too.