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My name is Ivan Ivanov. I am in my mid-thirties and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been a senior network engineer for over a decade now.

I worked and consulted for data center groups, large enterprises, and government institutions. I hold many certifications from Cisco, including CCIE Enterprise. As a lifelong learner, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I've learned over the years.

I invest most of my free time researching making networking fun, and making hard concepts easy to understand. I apply everything I discover to my little website, where you'll find lots of diagrams and animations that make complex subjects easier to learn. 

I understand that there is no economic equality in the world. That's why all my courses are completely free to provide equal opportunity to every student eager to learn! I rely solely on donations to pay the hosting fees. If one of my courses has helped you, please consider buying me a coffee :)

Apart from networking, I am a huge StarCraft fan following the Korean pro scene closely!