Buy Detlev Poettgen a coffee


HCL Master, IBM Champion, Bleeding Yellow, Teslarati, Apple addicted

If you ever thought I owe this person a beer, this is your relief. I don't drink beer, but I'd be there for a coffee :-)

The coffee here is $4 a serving. There are presets for one, three, or five coffees. You can also put in any number that suits you.

Your coffee is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.

Danke für das phantastische LetsEncrypt Tool und Deine Traveler Dokumentationen. Lieben Gruß Dein Ulf Duvigneau

Tony Pope @ JazzIT bought 5 coffees.

Many many thnaks for LE4D and all your support.

Andy Brunner bought 5 coffees.

Vielen Dank für das tolle LE4D Tool!

Someone bought a coffee.