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Sentinel Steam Lorry

Jul 10, 2023

Moonshine Monday.

The little people as regular readers will know, have been trying out all sorts mobile moonshine production vehicles, they’ve used a narrowboat, various forms of rail and a diesel lorry. To add to their expanding portfolio of transport they’ve just taken delivery of an old Sentinel steam lorry, which has the bonus of being able to run on anything that burns, including surplus moonshine which can be piped straight through from the still if things get desperate.

Here they are outside The Miners pub making one of their many deliveries in the area, and it looks like Double Denim Dando is performing a little shimmy to camera, he always does this when the still starts to produce booze. He also does a shimmy when he makes a sale, in fact he’s never been seen not doing a shimmy.

The Sentinel Steam lorry is a recent Oxford Diecast release, which yesterday afternoon underwent a light weathering to make it look like it’s been around for a while.


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