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Jul 20, 2023


PC Rob Banks is getting a ticking off by the superintendent for arriving late at a possible crime scene involving a hidden moonshine stash. “Why did you bring the car by rail when you could have driven it?” To which he nervously replies “I accidentally put diesel in it, instead of the recommended 4 star petrol, and now it won’t move, but luckily I was next to a railway yard with a crane, a suitable wagon and a locomotive. I’m only 23 minutes late”. To which the Super replies “Well I suppose you used your initiative, but I cannot excuse your attire, where is your police issue jacket?”……..

Meanwhile Freddy the Flag listening in calls out, “Siphon the diesel out of the car and put it in the locomotive, the car can than be filled up with some of the moonshine and be driven back to the police station and nobody will be any the wiser, after all filing the paperwork for this almighty ¥$€§%& could take weeks!”

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