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Hi friends!!! My name is Tiger and I share Animal Crossing New Horizons content over on Instagram and record island tours for YouTube! I also create free Lightroom presets for my followers to use when editing their photos! It means so much to me that you would even consider supporting me monetarily! All donations are going towards upgrading and purchasing new recording equipment to better my YouTube/Instagram content! Thank you in advance. 

Scott Fassett
Scott Fassett bought 3 coffees.

Enjoy your ACNH vids. Cheers, friend :)

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Have a lovely weekend, Tiger! 

Thanks so much!! 🥰 you’re amazing

Kristine Herman
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Have no clue What a preset is but I love your videos. Bought you 3 coffees. Hopefully this will help towards your new computer. :)

Thank you so much!! Presets are filters for your photos! I make them and provide them for free on Instagram! :) thank you again so much!

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Thank you for creating these beautiful presets 🥰