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We are New Old Friends, and we've been creating comedy theatre since 2008.

When the UK theatres were closed due to Covid-19 in March 2020 we were just four previews into our latest touring show; Crimes Camera Action. At the time we received many offers of support and lots of advice suggesting we set up a crowd-funding page or similar, but at the time we didn't want to do that. We have always created shows that have been lucky enough to find audiences who enjoyed them and the ticket sales is what grew our company. We did not want to take people's, very kindly offered, donations without offering something in return.

We have set up this page now, so that if anyone is enjoying our podcast  'Comedy Whodunnits - for your ears', or any of our stage work in the past, they can show their appreciation here.

We are very grateful for any support, but there is absolutely no obligation to pay anything.