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What is TheNextGen Learnings ?

Firstly, thanks so much for visiting our coffee page. 👋

TheNextGen Learnings is a non profit, free, open source learning colloboration platform that respect users privacy. There is no limit, everything is free .

Why did I want to create TheNextGen Learnings?

It all started from a sad observation. There is no quality learning solution that is completely free and that respects users privacy. There are either paid features or lots of ads.
So I decided to create my own solution.
TheNextGen Learnings was born.

Operating Costs

The infrastructure costs for TheNextGen Learnings is very high.
I have to pay couple of servers, hosting costs, researching and preparing the content. I pay these costs on my own, which is why I need all the help from the community to make this infrastructure more stable and powerful.

Welcome to join as a member, or invite us to drink a cup of tea.

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