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Next Iteration Sound is the cross-roads between cutting-edge scientific understanding and metaphysical healing modalities. Our goal is to bring you a constantly growing and evolving selection of morphic programs and images to assist you in manifesting your reality. We offer treatments that would cost you thousands of dollars had you gone through traditional methods. In these days, what better solution then one that is cheap , safe and from your own home?  At NIS, we use the understanding of morphic fields combined with powerful, intuitive, energetic programming paired with subliminal messages to obtain goals such as: hormonal replacement therapy alternatives, changing your physical attributes, like how muscular you are or your weight- even your eye color! We also work through your deep emotional baggage and karmic energies to free you from any unseen bondage or trauma. As you can no doubt see, the end results with NIS are infinite.  It's time we up the status-quo of medical services.  We have all suffered long enough at the hands of pharmacology and traditional western medicine.  If you listen to our programs and use our morphic exposure imagery you will have no choice but to manifest the changes you desire. The  simple fact is that our fields work. As long as you put in the work and use them.  All of our audio is pitched to A4=432hz. Thank you and we hope you make the right choice and choose Next Iteration Sound Morphic Programming .