You can only guess what happened at my very first stream, and my very first game of DOTA; disaster. LOL

Welp not disaster per se, but I must say we were a bit messy. Treehouse is the only person who have played this previously. Only he can teach us lol.

It was not an easy game to play. I used to play Mobile Legends before, and I thought that was kinda hard already, and then I went in and play DOTA. Boooooi was I wrong.

I didn't expect the equipment buying to be extremely hard! Normally it's just click and bam you have the item but here, if you're in the battlefield, you will need to control your courier to have it delivered to you. But why...

Then there's the Hero Categories. They sort it by Agility, Intelligence and Strength. I'm SO confused. You're also either Offlane, Hard Carry, Hard Support, but what are thoooose lol.

Bottom-line is I definitely need to study harder before I get the hang of it. It's just so much moving from ML to a more complicated one.

It was fun really a fun stream though. I had several viewers teaching us how to play, what equipment to buy, etc. Appreciate it really. We need it more than ever lol.

Nghtngl -

PS. Pls join my discord if you wanna be the DOTA Champion to my team lolol. We are newb that's sure.