Just so everybody's on board (and you can kinda understand the title), I've decided that I will be making a daily log of my experiences every after my streaming on Twitch.

I hoped for this channel to become some sort of a diary, to track my progress, to look back on past streams written on words. I figured this would be a fun read in the future lol :D

So now, I am on my day 8 (don't beat me, I am actually unsure of whether it rly is Day 8), I've upgraded my stream OBS and included an intro video I got for free from Canva (thank you Canva, you save my life in so many different ways). I must say just by watching the after stream I am so happy with the way I am maneuvering OBS. I assigned hotkeys to commands like switch scenes, or mute my mic or mute my game. If you can see the image I attached here, I feel so proud just by enabling the chat box widget on my screen. I feel like a pro streamer already.

BUT one thing's a bummer.

When I was playing Phasmophobia and Overcooked2, I actually forgot to turn on my game volume. (T.T) All I am hearing is myself, and the people behind me (you know who you are, you sweet peeps).

Damn, it was frustrating that I was so ready to unpublish the vids. But I remembered myself saying "baby steps". You'll eventually get the hang of your own hotkeys, Nghtngl. LOL. With sound or no sound it still is fun to watch.

BTW, a massive shoutout to my loyal friends who accompany me in my streams and co-op games. I love you guys lots. :*

- Nghtngl -

PS. If you want to join a co-op game with us (we're definitely always looking for 1), you can hit us up at our discord.