It's Sunday today, that means I played all day. Lol. So today my friends and I decided we wanna play Valorant. I reinstalled Valorant to my old laptop and let my friend borrow it so we can play together. Funny thing is, I actually allowed two of my friends use two of my computers. Now I have none to use. (T.T)

You see they're pretty new to the game. They be shooting at each other and still missing shots. They be flashing but instead flashes themselves and not the opponent. It's really fun to watch.

The photo I attached is them trying to kill each other with a knife. And you can only guess what happened. Yep, it is a mess.

The first time I played Valorant was with my college classmates. They were fps veterans and I was expecting my sorry a** to be saved. Damn I was always confused with the map. I get lost all the time and was pressing all the buttons on my keyboard, slamming my left mouse button to shoot, struggling to keep myself alive.

"Uy guide nyo si Mel mukhang lost sya sa game."

"Guide Mel with the game mechanics, she seems lost." (T^T)

I was pretty stupid rly, but playing the game with my friends and not having to worry being called "noob" or "stupid" was pretty comforting. I just don't understand the need for trashtalking. :( I was called countless different bad names in-game and they were all traumatizing. I am not saying that I am innocent to it though. I may be toxic sometimes, but I try to avoid lol. Well sadly, Philippines has a whole bunch of trashtalkers. Real talk. (but not all, love my non-toxic peeps)

Slowly I feel I was improving. I started to play by myself and feeling confident with my aim. Practice makes improvement. Not perfect, but improving.

Nghtngl -

PS. I got +1 follower on Twitch and here on BMC!