Hello & Welcome,

Introductions have always been a weird thing for me because I never really know what to say or write. So, I guess I will start with why I am here.

Why am I here?

I came across this by visiting someone else's page & found this to be a great alternative to things like gofundme. Buymeacoffee has such a nicer tone about fundraising. I wish I was starting this page for something nobler; but, truthfully, I am here looking for some financial support. I am not expecting anything extraordinary; just a little treat.

Other things about me

I am one of seven children. I grew up on government support in a single-parent household. Many people who I have spoken to have always told me that I have a very fascinating life; although, I do not see it that way. I see it as this is my life.

I am currently in university for Health Service Management. I don't see myself as management material but, I do enjoy learning and the purpose of me taking this program is to have a better understanding of my managers and what they are going through so that I am not a burden or bothersome employee.

I volunteer my time at my school's food pantry, a senior centre where we promote and support independent living, and I go hiking with an energetic seniors group once a week.

Feel free to ask me questions or give me some feedback.

Thanks! :D