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Hello :)

I'm very happy to share with you the "Everything is Beautiful - A Rhyming Coloring Book", based on Princess Nokia´s "Everything is Beautiful" album.

Her art inspires me a lot and I powerfully connected with this album. It reminds me of the good and simple things about life, the importante of cherishing our inner child and how growing up can be confusing.

So, every week I will share with you a post with one or more illustrations about one song, which you can download for FREE and print. Because every coloring book deserves to be full of colors!

You can also check all available book pages in PDF format on this link: Everything is Beautiful - A Rhyming Coloring Book (Google Drive folder) 

Illustrations are ready to be printed in A4 format (A5 looks good too) 

I hope these drawings make you feel all your creative energies bursting! Wether you use pens, pencils, paint, your hands/feet/mouth, do collages, alone or with a friend, you are free to fill each page anyway you want. IT´S AN ABSOLUTE CREATIVE ANARCHY.

You can also support my work by buying me a coffee or becoming a monthly supporter for 3€. You're a total babe for valuing small artists like me!

I look forward to seeing your artsy creations (which you can share with me on Instagram @ni_bblers).



The verses on this drawing are from the song "Wash and Sets" from the "Everything is Beautiful" album by Princess Nokia