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My name is Nick and I've been a content creator since 2009, when I made my first (serious?) YouTube Channel. These days, I'm a professional video editor, podcaster, and certified airbreather.

Wanna support my [insert whatever you've come here to support] and help me make ends meet? Cool! I really appreciate it. No, really. That actually really means the world to me. I don't believe in pay-gating my content, especially since it's only released when I have time to make it, so while I can't offer a consistent stream of additional [insert content type you came here to support] at this time, I can say that your support helps give me the bandwidth to make more cool stuff! 

When I *can* get extra stuff made though, I plan to share sneak peaks (work-in-progress clips/screenshots) from my future videos, video or blog post answers to the question of the day posed in my latest video, answering member/donor questions (potentially as a video) alternate versions of scenes, maybe the odd "whatcha playing" or update vlog, and directors commentaries for existing NichePlays episodes/one-off first impression/playthrough videos of games (that I've either covered already as a sorta "what do I think of it now" series or playing new games to gauge my interest in covering it in a future review)

Oh, I'm also on Patreon if that's more your speed!