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Announcement: Opening memberships & a Pa ...

Announcement: Opening memberships & a Patreon!

May 18, 2022

Hey y’all, Niche here!

i just wanted to make a quick post announcing that I now offer several tiers of membership here on BuyMeACoffee alongside equivalent tiers over on Patreon!

This is in response to a few comments I’ve gotten over the past few months regarding ways viewers could support the channel and I’m super excited to get this going!

While I’ll always put creating videos to share on my channel for free, I’m hoping to share some goodies like commentary tracks that go into behind the scenes stuff for videos, sneak peaks and clips from upcoming episodes, and the odd older video from my pre-NichePlays days whenever possible with y’all here and on Patreon. This additional content isn’t scheduled, but I’m hoping to be able to stick to making at least two posts a month and to try and ramp up on stuff depending on my health/how these subscriptions work out as I want to try and make sure you all get some goodies out of supporting me and my channel!

If you love what I do and you wanna set up a rolling donation to show your support, check out what each of my tiers offer and consider subscribing to the tier that makes the most sense for you personally!

So yeah… bye!

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