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Thanks very much for supporting me as I'm finding ways to still create during the pandemic!  This is a new service I'm trying out that will allow folks who want to help me out by sending a small donation in an increment of $5 (so the price of coffee out, or a beer at a really good deal somewhere, etc)... I probably won't spend it on coffee though! During the pandemic I just make my coffee at home... It will more likely go to more important things like groceries!  
Caroline H
Caroline H bought a coffee.

Kool cats video Nick.

Caroline H
Caroline H bought a coffee.

Also enjoyed the Afternoon in Paris community music video. nice baing transported during my coffee break at work!

Cookie bought a coffee.

Loved the song, and wow'd by the creativity & technology. So much talent. Will stream your performance from Shadbolt on Mar 18.

Marv and Nancy Kir
Marv and Nancy Kir bought 5 coffees.

thank you we have enjoyed your music!

Jonathan bought a coffee.

Sure look forward to a live concert again!