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The project I'm working on is called build art in public. It will be an online art gallery that showcases not only the final draft of a piece of digital or physical art, but also the creation process. It's inspired by the open source community, as well as the idea of expressive technology. Hopefully, it will become a tool that allows people to learn to express themselves from artists they like. 


Thanks to everyone who supported me for the Put Bernie in Places website last week and for my YouTube video this weekend. I'm overjoyed that so many people continue to support my creative projects :)

This was the original message from when I was keeping the Bernie Sanders site going:

If you're here it's probably because of my bernie-sits website! I'm overjoyed so many people like it! The site costs money to keep running and stable, which is currently coming out of my own pocket. Google also charges me each time someone uses the site for using the maps API. As a grad student, I can use all the help I can get paying to keep it running! Thanks so much! check out some other work at