Over the course of winter 2020/2021 I spent a lot of time walking along the Darent Valley in Kent, SE England, a location I grew up in. Even though I have spent years birding this area I found a number of surprises and even added species to my local patch birding list. Under normal cicumstances I would travel further afield to see birds but this has been a reminder that there are a lot of great birds to see just on the doorstep. If you spend time birding your local patch at different times of the year you might also be similarly surprised but certainly you will learn a lot about the birds of your area.

Pictured are:


Grey Wagtail

Common Buzzard


Greater White-fronted Goose

Common Pochard

Common Kestrel

Little Owl

European Robin


Eurasian Skylark

Great Crested Grebe

Song Thrush

Common Gull

Eurasian Nuthatch

Long-tailed Tit

The situation at the time was not great, I was separated from my wife by thousands of miles because of the government reaction to covid-19 but it did give me the opportunity to spend more time than I will ever probably get again birding in the area that I started birding in as a 7-year old. I hope to share some of my enthusiasm and the birds of the area in this video - https://youtu.be/SRKw6RsHaRk