One of the most impressive sights in birding are flocks of birds. Large numbers of birds gathering together remind bird watchers and non-birders alike that there are forces of nature bigger than all of us. Finding a roost of Dunlin on the banks of the River Thames, close to the industrialized overspill of London was an exciting surprise for me and one that was all the more impressive because of its location. While Dunlin is one of the commonest wading birds in Britain, seeing them at close range as they gather in a large group is a rare experience and a special one as you can see from this series of photographs taken at Higham Marshes in Kent, UK.

Watch the accompanying video I made of this Dunlin high tide roost here -

In this video I have presented the footage I gained on this surprise close encounter with a flock of Dunlin as they came in to roost. I had walked onto a small area of land that protrudes into the River Thames so that I could photograph passing gulls, when a flock of Dunlin flew in and settled just a few metres away.