There's nothing like the cold winter wind on a bright day to blow birds close the shore and provide good birding along the eastern coast of Britain. The closest place to where I live in UK to enjoy this type of birding, particularly with a view out to sea from the cliffs, is Foreness in Kent. This is a regular wintering spot for several species of waders as well as seabirds that feed close to the coast in the right conditions. Purple Sandpiper is the bird I always travel to Foreness to see but these hardy shorebirds just give me a reason to go to one of my favourite spots.

Flocks of Ruddy Turnstones, Eurasian Curlews, Brent Geese are always winter birds that can be relied upon at this site too and although they are not rare birds they have become like old friends to me; I always enjoy seeing them and photographing them and there is always the chance of an Eider Duck, Red-breasted Merganser or something rarer in winter.

Watch this video of my trip to Foreness in which I show you some of my favourite birds in this Winter Virtual Birding Trip to Foreness Point -