In early July 2022 I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Oman. Now, July is far from the best time for birding in Oman but when one has never been to a region before there are always plenty of birds to see so I jumped at the chance. When browsing through the field guide for Oman one of the birds that breeds in the country that stood out to me was Hume's Wheatear. I spent some time researching where sightings had been made at this time of the year and was extremely happy to find several Hume's Wheatears at Yitit beach on my first morning in the country. A few scattered trees provided some shade between the sandy beach and the rocky hills behind and this is where a very obliging Hume's Wheatear was feeding, allowing me to take this series of photographs. I saw more Hume's Wheatears over the course of the next few days but never again got the chance to see it at such close range. 

You can see this Hume's Wheatear in action in this video -