In autumn, in UK, I always look forward to the arrival of Redwings. This handsome migratory thrush breeds in far northern areas of Eurasia but spends winters further south and west, including in Britain where it is widespread between the months of November to March. I took this set of photos in various months in the winter of 2020/21 in several sites in Southeast England.

While I struggled with stress and depression caused by covid-19 restrictions destroying my business I took regular walks along the Darent Valley in Kent, UK, and was surprised to see that these beautiful birds were the commonest species in the area for several weeks and watching them at close range was certainly something that helped me relax and take my mind off of the damage that the situation was doing to my life.

If you enjoy Redwings as much as I do please watch this video I created about them; all the footage obtained on my local walks -