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Listening to a podcast is a very intimate experience, You feel like you *almost* know the person hosting after sometime..

Here's the invitation you've been craving: Buy me a coffee & gain a community of "soul on fire" humans (connecting once per month to share ideas, connect deeper & live more audaciously) - Join Membership

I'm inviting you to connect deeper with me, ask the questions that come up while listening and share your thoughts / perspectives over coffee with me.

We will jump on monthly to share and discuss ideas around the latest episodes, and you'll feel the real intimacy that being in this community can bring. 

Also You're not going to find this kind of intimate value anywhere else on the internet. 

I'm here to create deep connection, celebrate your full expression and create your most fulfilled life - together.

Your deep love, and wild audacity is welcome here.

Here's To taking up space, daring to be seen & taking up more space than ever before...


We Are Wildfire - Founder & Leader 

"One Spark Creates a Wildfire"

A bit about me:
Nicole is the business of human potential, helping you take the daily bites of bravery required to become the leader you are within.

She is the founder and leader of  "WE ARE WILDFIRE" 
A beacon of transformation that shows people what is possible when they Let Audacity Lead!

We are Wildfire is a movement of a catalyst for change, a movement of empowered humans(like you) "catching courage" by taking Bites of Bravery everyday & choosing to lead yourself with purpose.

Transforming lives in your communities & the world by choosing to be the person now that your bold vision demands. When you courageously become the leader of your vision - you become a walking spark of inspiration & permission for everyone else-  taking up space, daring to be seen in your greatness & being all that you can possibly be, igniting the people around you to overcome their own doubts & fears and live up to their own potential.

Join the movement. Be the spark. Set the world alight 

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Nicole Middleton

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