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Welcome to Nicolson Tours of Scotland, Buy Me a Coffee page.

Our latest audio story available now (27 Oct 2020) is all about Scotland's most loving and faithful dog, Greyfriars Bobby.

For the price of a coffee you get the short audio story told by me, straight to your in box today.

We also have previous Scottish stories available. Most stories are between 20 - 30 mins. Stories available are, The Real Macbeth, The North Brewick Witch Trials and William Wallace.

Since Covid-19 came along with plans of its own, our Mom and Pop business has ground to a halt.

In order to be here for you next year (Covid permitting) we still need a small income.

This is where Buy Me a Coffee comes in.

Perhaps you, like so many others, were planning a trip to Scotland, eager to sample all the delights that our wonderful country has to offer. If you were, it’s likely that your plans have been thwarted for a wee while.  Anyhow, whether you are planning to travel here in the future or not, we thought that we could put together some stories about our fascinating history, myths and legends, and narrate them to you.  

Enjoy them from the comfort of your own home and fingers crossed it won’t be too long before you can visit Scotland for yourselves.

All of our stories are researched for and written by Anna and read by me, Donald, each for the price of a coffee.

When you buy me a coffee, I will email you a link to our audio story and then just sit back and enjoy.

Thank you for your support through these challenging times. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Yours aye,

Donald and Anna

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