Buy nidyanazo a bike part



Hi guys, I never enabled ad revenue on YT, beacuse I never wanted my viewers to be bombarded by ads when viewing my vids. 

So I never made a cent. 

Now, YT has enabled ads on all videos, regardless if the content creator participates in the ad revenue program. 

I encourage the use of ad blockers on my page. 

As of now, I need your help. I've never asked for donations before- but it costs thousands of dollars to run this bike each season. 1-2 clutches, 2 sets of brakes, repairing crash damage, Motul oil changes every month, and THOUSANDS of dollars in tyres alone, just to name some of the expenses. Broken gopros, new gear... It adds up.

I ride every day I am physically able. So if you like the videos, and want more frequent uploads, please support my channel here. 

I have plans that all cost $$$. Turbo R1 with 240HP on slicks? I just need~$5k. 

New R1 with full electornics? Help me get it. I'll ride the wheels off it :)

I'm building a 2 stroke supermoto, and I just need $2k to get the 17" wheels and slicks.. Then you'll see some crazy sumo riding like you've never seen... 

My viewers inspire me to keep uploading, but $$$ determines how much content and how fast I can create it. I'll never stop riding as long as my body and mind can perform- even if I can't film it. 

Thanks guys, you all mean so much to me. I appreciate all the messages and nice words, hopefully I can answer more of you guys this off-season.