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As a cartoonist and illustrator I promote myself to new clients via as well as my own website. I also put my cartoons to good use by creating MY OWN Greetings Cards, Ceramic Mugs, etc., and putting them out there for sale in various online marketplaces. Now I want to help other artists do the same.

So take a look at my blog posts (tips & tricks), and see many of the methods that have proved invaluable to me!

And if you find ANY of my posts useful, I never say "no" to a cup of coffee!

If you're looking to purchase my cartoons on gift items, you can browse my Etsy Store to see my most up-to-date cartoon-inspired creations.

(N.B. Some of my posts may include affiliate links, which means I get credited if someone clicks, visits a site, and signs-up. This is at no cost to you.)

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